Innovative Digital Transformation project based on an “end to end” design approach


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The context

Since 2014 Crispy Bacon has been working alongside BAXI, BDR Thermea Group, on an ambitious digital transformation project. The business objective: integrate innovative digital services into the consolidated business processes of a European leader in cooling and heating systems. In other words, we had been asked to develop a program that encourages inspectors and installers to increase sales of BAXI products, leveraging on a “reason why” which could be linked to a reward strategy.

Thanks to this innovation, in 2015 BAXI was able to create the Luna Team, an innovative incentive project in constant evolution. We heavily contributed through our design thinking approach: a lean startup methodology aimed at continuous product improvement thanks to the development of new specific features, starting from the measurement of objectives to end-to-end planning.

A digital transformation that overcomes one-shot operations, making room for innovation, what has now become a one of kind successful partnership between Crispy Bacon and BAXI, bond of traditional manufacturing and innovative digital services.

Baxi Luna Team

An innovative project of digital transformation in constant evolution, accompanied by the development of an app, which encourages installers to increase the sales of BAXI products thanks to a highly customizable reward strategy.

Baxi - Sfida

The challenge

BAXI Luna Team was a project with one targeted strategic value: ensure that every action conceived and carried out by installers would bring a direct advantage to BAXI. For this to happen we created a system where actions could be linked to a real and consequent incentive for the installer, therefore constantly increasing the overall profit for all the parties in the field.

BAXI’s integration with CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) and ERP has positively contributed in achieving the goal.

The solution

In a context where the engagement process determines the most part of the overall success, Crispy Bacon has studied a strategic solution based on the principles of gamification. 

The game structure opened up the possibility to stimulate precise actions that the installer can complete by using the app, strengthening the synergistic relationship between BAXI and its customers. The multi-level reward mechanism composed not only of material rewards but also of status and service level upward ranking. These set of levers proved indeed to be highly successful.

The Luna Team app provides installers, who adhere to the program, with a series of tools to increase and make their work efficient, while the constant use of the application allows them to stay up to date, be active part of BAXI community and provide feedback on installed products. Each new installation, by scanning the item identification code, allows the installer not only to earn points that can be spent directly in the app by choosing from a catalog of available prizes, but also to improve his position in the global ranking. This simple action guarantees BAXI complete traceability of the product life cycle and much more detailed feedback for new product updates and future developments.

Baxi - Soluzione

An app that generates benefits for all actors: Installers who adhere to the program have at their disposal a series of tools to increase their work; BAXI gains full control of the installations carried out.

Baxi - Risultati

The results

BAXI Luna Team is the innovative experience created by Crispy Bacon aimed at increasing the engagement. A program designed to generate a reward through the app push notifications and direct real-time communications. A big win for BAXI to gain full control of all the installations performed.