Ordinare il proprio panino in negozio non è mai stato così facile

Retex spa per Panino Giusto


UX/UI design, web development, back end development

UX & UI designers, front-end e back-end developers

MongoDB, Node.js e HTML5 JavaScript, Linux integration

The context

In a rapidly changing market, rapid as well are the dynamics of the sales channels in the catering sector. The food and beverage sector are experiencing a revolution in particular in the ways in which meals are ordered. Digital ordering options are improving the shopping experience of users, who are increasingly involved in new lifestyles and increasingly active habits.

At the end of 2018 Crispy Bacon, in partnership with Retex spa, a leading company in the digital retail store innovation, was engaged in the conception and realization of a Kiosk system for ordering at Panino Giusto stores.

The customer’s requirement emphasized the need to create a solution that faithfully reflected the brand positioning: Panino Giusto, Italian art for your quality sandwich, richness in taste, excellence and passion.


The starting point of the project: Crispy Bacon and Retex were involved in the study of the customers habits at the Panino Giusto stores. An activity based on reviewing research and analysis, which then led to the definition of prototypes – personas, identified the socio-demographic aspects and the needs of those customers who find themselves in the key moment of the meal ordering experience at the store.

Panino Giusto _ Crispy Bacon per self order KIOSK

Using a Kiosk that eliminates queues to simplify, digitalize, speed up the ordering experience of your sandwich of choice.

Totem per ordini GDO&retail

The Challenge

The objective of the management for Crispy Bacon and Retex consisted of two main aspects. The first, designing the best user experience that could best fit the brand’s business and sales model, thus putting right at the top the ordering action of purchasing a sandwich. Secondly, developing the best software architecture that could integrate with the existing cash register systems and order management systems, eg. the Kiosk totem.

The self-ordering system developed and available to customers had to related seamlessly with the existing cash register system and that of the menu management, integrating perfectly with all the other store operations. The Kiosk totem that was finally created was an easy, fast, intuitive tool. Starting from general information and data collection through menu selection, the user is accompanied during the ordering phase; once the payment is made, the request is then sent to the kitchen for immediate preparation.

The Solution

The software architecture of the Kiosk was designed to work offline, so to be resilient to interruptions of the internet network. The graphical interface was on the other hand the result of a very careful analysis of the customer journey at Panino Giusto: identifying the personas has allowed us to understand their needs, as well as the approach to the brand and their ordering habits. The study of UX / UI, combined with digital instrument prototyping and iterated user testing, allowed Crispy Bacon to perfectly match customer expectations.

Each Kiosk replicates the data base necessary for the composition of the order, which in the presence of the network can be updated when necessary, even remotely, thus maintaining aligned price lists and menus at all sales points. Furthermore, each Kiosk contains a server capable of interfacing with all the elements involved in the ordering process, from the totem, to the cash desk, to the kitchen.

Design the best user experience for the brand's business and sales model.

Sistema di ordine per Panino Giusto

The Results

The totem designed and developed by Crispy Bacon and Retex has introduced an alternative ordering system, never used before by Panino Giusto. The system now allows potently long queues to be rapidly disposed in highly frequented stores while at the same time providing a memorable shopping experience.

The partnership with Retex played a key role in two areas: first, it allowed a complete integration of the customer’s cash (using Oracle Simphony, without affecting the processes and flows inside the store); secondly, it made possible the constant monitoring, maintenance and updating of the intire totem solution itself. The success was then replicated. The Kiosk totem is now offered in numerous chain stores at Panino Giusto.