The first ever UPS installation guide AR mobile app



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The context

Socomec, is a French multinational, a leader in the power electronics sector, one of the major global players in the production of uninterruptible power supplies modules (UPS). 

In a two-year period (2017 – 2018), the company worked alongside Crispy Bacon in order to reinforce its offer for innovative and better performance electrical systems.

The digital transformation process that Socomec had to face involved mainly the launch of two newly developed medium-sized UPSs. These machines require a specific installation and setup process which is usually carried out directly at the destination site, where the technicians take care of the wiring and tuning, making sure that each step falls under a rigorous safety procedure. These operations are risky but could become simpler and more immediate with the support of digital tools.

Therefore, Socomec engaged Crispy Bacon to come up with a proper solution. 

We developed a system taking advantage of Augmented Reality features. An app capable of recognizing the UPS module, guiding the operator through a step by step installation process in total safety. At the end of each section the system compiles an installation report. Once validated, the report is automatically uploaded into Socomec Cloud Storage.

App Socomec - Crispy Bacon

Combine an effective digital experience with the potential of augmented reality, in order to create a tool suitable for highly demanding working environments while remaining capable of assuring maximum information confidentiality by privileged access and encryption features.

UPS Socomec - Crispy Bacon

The challenge

Some many operators may not be Socomec employees but rather independent contractors. Therefore, crucially important for a successful installation was making sure that each operator would follow a standardized process.

We had to face a three-fold challenge. First, create a better user experience than that of the instruction booklet, rendering the installation experience easier through digital contents. Second, combine the UX / UI with the potential of Augmented Reality functionalities to gain consistently time reduction benefits. Third, secure Socomec official validation of the installation, transforming this final stage into a real advantage for the brand and an incentive to widely utilize the solution further on.

Process and data management skills were also extremely important. Hence, Crispy Bacon designed the system to be capable of assuring that all the players involved in the sales activities could confidentially and securely access the complete information deck.

The solution

Creating a comprehensive and technologically advanced architecture allowed Crispy Bacon to assure best in class interactive and engaging experience. The technical procedure is easy and consistent with the installation site and product features. Through Augmented Reality functionalities, the operator is securely guided in each step. At the end of the process, by simply taking a photo of the completed product, the technician finalizes the report, now ready to be sent the service center.

In order to keep the identity info confidential, an encryption system was then implemented hence reserving access to some information exclusively to the qualified actors, for example the company branch or the official distributor. Socomec, therefore, can access directly and solely the technical information required to validate the installation, while staying out of other sensitive data related to the end customer.

An ambitious project. The development of an interactive tool with direct advantages (for the installers) and with added capabilities (for the brand) aimed at surveilling the product all the way through, from production to final assembly. A true innovation in the power electronics sector.

Applicazione Socomec - Crispy Bacon

The results

The digital transformation achieved increases the power of user experience, directing the operators safely through the installation while gaining rich analytical data on the process through photos and reports. Nonetheless, thanks to this project Socomec manages to have full control of its products, from production to assembly, and becomes the first actor in the sector to have implemented an app addressing specifically the installation of a UPS.