The corporate social responsibility campaign bonding brands and people.

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The context

The corporate social responsibility merges with the luxury within the Kering
Group, where the theme of sustainability becomes the beating heart of the brand’ strategy.

From this new approach rises the need for Kering Eyewear, a company dedicated to luxury eyewear, to raise awareness and bring their team closer to responsible and sustainable behavior within the office and in the workplace.
So here is the Smart Worker Giude, a collection of pills, tips and questions, designed and created by Crispy Bacon to involve the company’s workers.

Study of a digital tool with a dynamic graphic interface andimmediate functionality, leveraging gamification.

The Challenge

Crispy Bacon started from the study of the graphic interface for the
creation of an internal communication tool that could respond to specific business needs: a captivating and engaging user experience, a fast and dynamic fruition experience, determining an effective gamification strategy.

So, how could we bring people to interact with the sustainability topics promoted by the
fashion house?

The Solution

The Smart Worker Guide conceived and developed by Crispy Bacon is a
newsletter campaign, with ten releases on an annual basis, declined in various CSR issues, from waste management to energy waste, the responsible purchase of paper and other office supplies.
Each of these campaigns led the user to a landing page linked to a specific theme, where in addition to the rapid exposition of the topic, he was asked questions in the form of an interactive quiz.

All the answers obtained were collected, leading to a final extraction of ten winners, eg. people who had answered all the questions correctly were entitled to specific prizes.
Crispy Bacon has thus succeeded in generating a totally new and highly stimulating internal communication format, bringing Kering Eyewear employees closer to the brand.

Development of an engaging internal communication campaignwithin the company, bringing employees closer to the brand's mission.

The Results

The innovative and disruptive approach of Crispy Bacon has not simply
determined the development of a solution with an excellent conversion rate on newsletters and click rates, but has been able to take the main challenge launched by the brand: raise awareness among its employees by approaching them to the mission of Kering Group.
This success is leading Crispy Bacon to develop and implement the same communication tool even for the Parisian parent company Kering SA, and therefore for all the brands controlled by the luxury group.