Native app integrated in a tablet keeping professional cooking tools fully under control



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The context

Sogeco is the application that Crispy Bacon has designed during 2017 as a natural digital extension of the professional cooking & baking tools produced by Sogeco and Gierre Forni.

The customer’s request was a disruptive, revolutionary solution that could succeed within a market where competitors had been offering digital solutions to support their physical products for quite some time.

Propose an approach to professional cooking through the study of a user experience and a simple interface, without forgetting the communication protocols between the various instruments.

Forni professionali per gastronomia - Gierre

The challenge

Implementing an application intended to be used in a professional environment is quite a challenge from many points of view.

The study of a user experience and an interface that can make it as easy as possible the interaction with the machine, as well as a system being able to guarantee a high standard of security such as that required in an industrial environment. All this without neglecting the design of efficient communication protocols between the mobile app and the cooking system, and between the mobile app and the Cloud infrastructure.

Crispy Bacon answered to the challenge with the development of a dynamic and functional tool.

The solution

Sogeco was born from a deep and careful analysis of competitors, as well as the situation of the reference market, through field research.
Crispy Bacon saw the fit for an app following the user centric approach, where thanks to interviews, test sessions of prototypes and careful study of the customer journey, the cooks became the real protagonists. The interface has been designed for the final user, the cook, the baker, the professional, who uses this tool every day to work.

The application allows the control, through BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), of a vast variety of products by Sogeco and Gierre, including the oven, the blast chiller and the extractor hood. Furthermore, their connection to the Cloud allows the company to offer a performance monitoring service and preventive maintenance tools, constantly synced and completely remote.

The main difference between this solution and those already on the market is technological. Sogeco is a native app integrated into a tablet and placed into an oven, where the standards of user experience for to the cook are very high compared to other average users.
Thanks to the collaboration with the partner ESSECI, we developed a power board for oven control with a BLE interface allowing communication with the application. ESSECI’s competence in the field of power electronic boards, combined with the experience of Crispy Bacon in the implementation of IOT projects on BLE channel came together to finalize the design of a safe, reliable and connected revolutionizing tool.

Gierre - Sogeco App by Crispy Bacon

The innovative tool is an excellent tool for managing a tablet, the ideal moment to bring the latest updates to the project.

Gierre - forni per cucine professionali


Sogeco is the first and only interface on a tablet or smartphone that can be managed by specialized personnel.

The first results of this innovative app were measured during HOST 2017, the world’s leading trade fair dedicated to the restaurant and hospitality business, where the Sogeco prototype, a high-fidelity mockup, was previewed and received an excellent response, as well as curiosity and interest from the sales and marketing perspective.
Official Launch will be following soon after the Host 2019 event.